Jacobo Borges

Responsibilities and Activities Fundamental

Jacobo Borges Museum Foundation is a nonprofit created in the year 1993 and assigned to the Governor of the Federal District under the figure of ENTE SUBSIDIADO before the National Cultural Council (CONAC) with the name Museum of the West. Its operating costs were dependent on input from both agencies, a greater proportion by the CONAC, and eventually by private donations, the latter being lower.
From the year 1995 would be known Jacobo Borges Museum and begin procedures for adscribirlo the National Cultural Council (CONAC) under the figure of ENTE TUTELADO, subject to the laws imposed by the regulations governing the operation of the Civil Service.

Jacobo Borges Museum intends to be an active centre of cultural transformation and improving the quality of life through the experience of creation. Understood as this axis of the real transformation of the human being.
To this end the Jacobo Borges Museum carries out a comprehensive plan of action artistic and cultural have a place where various forms of expression, from the artistic proposals to projects that are leading men in their everyday environment.

What aspires Jacobo Borges Museum is to reflect and respond to the needs and problems of their time and living space. This institution has been raised to serve as a center of attention, cultural transformation and improving the quality of life of people not only in the parish of Sucre but the entire metropolitan area of Caracas through the creative experience. A space for community participation in the creative processes, continuing education programmes and training workshops of the individual.

Achievements and Goals
Since its inauguration Jacobo Borges Museum has concentrated its efforts in position in front of their immediate social context, accepting the challenge of serving as a liaison between the neighborhood organizations and institutions who are responsible for the solution of specific problems of community.


* Promote the universal culture through the exhibition, in a comprehensive and permanent works of art at its headquarters Park West Jóvito Villalba, in the Parish of Sucre Catia.

* Reafirmarnos at a producer of art connected to the community experience and a space for reflection from the perspective of artistic creation.

* Develop and implement social projects that encourage the creation of new cultural spaces for the benefit of the community.

* Establish a cultural offerings consisting among others, plans pedagogical advice, courses, seminars and conferences, aimed not only as a strategy to support teaching, but in a broad sense, as a response to the needs generated by the community its elf.

* Develop proposals support teaching as reinforcement for the efforts by the museum within its artistic programming, through the publication of educational materials, publishing proposals which can provide a significant spiritual experience to open channels of information from the West in the city.

* Encourage through action Museum, which the artist described in the courtrooms, achieves a more direct with the public, through the submission of proposals designed to address problems in the ethical and aesthetic.

Directora: Adriana Meneses
Address: Av Sucre de Catia, Parque del Oeste Jovito Villalba.
Phones: +58 2 862.8101/ 862.0427
Fax: 8622989





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