Caracas Luz





Caracas Luz

Caracas, has been a city with great cultural aspirations throughout the course of its history. Institutions such as the old Atheneum bear witness to this awareness. The National library holds a great amount of volumes, and affords abundant bibliographic information for the student of the discovery and independence of Venezuela. The museum of Colonial Art has on show an interesting exhibition of Venezuelan art from the periods previous to its independence with fountains, furniture, colonial courtyards etc. In the Fine Arts Museum are kept some highly interesting archaeological finds with some good examples of precolombine pottery. Also worthy of a visit in its art gallery with its many masterpieces by international and venezulean painters. Art enthusiasts should not miss a visit to the Arturo Michelena Art Museum, situated in the former studio of this great Venezuelan artist. Since 1974, Caracas has had a Contemporary Art Museum, containing magnificent works representing the most important tendencies in contemporary art, and since 1982, counts with a Children's Museum, a privately managed museum foundation, with the propose of teaching children about science, technology, culture and arts. The Natural Science Museum, has a rich collection os archaeological pieces from the primitive native cultures, in these collections and in other no less important galleries (the Raúl Santana Creole Museum, The Transport Museum, the Coin Museum, Bolivarian Museum, Jacobo Borges Museum, Carlos Cruz-Diez Museum, Alejandro Otero Museum, Sacred Museum, etc.) the cultural aspirations of Caracas are more than evident, and its interest in the future, is never to the detriment of the enthusiasm with the relics of the past are preserved. Behind its appearance of a dynamic city, Caracas conserves the essence of its history with an aristocratic refinement.

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