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Teresa Carreno Theater complex is the largest cultural Latin America and Venezuela, where they often represent symphony concerts and popular variety shows, operas, ballet, dance and theater. Located in the heart of the capital near the towers Central Park Square, museums, the Los Caobos Park and the Ateneo de Caracas among others. It has two main rooms: Jose Felix Ribas and Rios Reyna. The theater is named in honor of the distinguished Venezuelan pianist Teresa Carreño.

The theater has two stable prestigious companies: Teresa Carreño Opera Chorus, and Ballet Teresa Carreño, which was headed until 2002 by the choreographer and teacher Vicente Nebrada, and then are a company headed by a collegial body, Beginning in 2005, and supported by the figure of a Manager, to the present. The particularity of this company, lies in its remained in the theater as a body of dance stable, directly funded by the Teresa Carreno Theater, with resources from the State, and which currently has the most prestigious balletistas of Venezuela, given his extensive repertoire and participation in the productions themselves recognized the Teresa Carreno Theater

Teresa Carreno Theater is an architectural work culture unparalleled in the history of Venezuela. Built on an area of 22,586 m over 80,000 square metres of construction, imposing building stands integrating the specific nature and the visual arts. Huge columns, and ceilings hexagonal nearly overlapping one another make the majesty of this building pluralistic nature of architecture and spatial integration is unique in its style.

The theater has two main rooms: the "Reyna Rivers" and "Jose Felix Ribas", as well as other open and closed spaces, terraces and very versatile rooms that serve to introduce small recitals and / or conferences. The entrance to the cultural complex is preceded by the Plaza Vicente Emilio Sojo, in homage to the famous composer and one of the founders of the Venezuela Symphony Orchestra.

The cultural complex also features an area of offices and production on a par with the most popular theatres in the world: two basements house spaces for workshops utility, carpentry, blacksmithing, hairdressing and makeup, tailoring, several rehearsal rooms and storage of scenery.

In theatre, there are several works of art from Venezuelan kinetic artist Jesus Soto:

* Virtual cubes on white projection yellow (on the roof of the foyer of the Chamber Rios Reyna)

* Cubes on progression vibrant black and white.

* "White Clouds" located several meters above the seats of the Chamber Rios Reyna to function as an acoustic and ornamental.

* Pyramids vibrant (acoustic ceiling of the Chamber Jose Felix Ribas)

* Writing Telón black on a white background

* And a curtain or firewall "Teaser"; both at the scene of the Chamber Rios Reyna.

There is also a sample of the artist Peter Básalo, bust Teresa Carreno (located in the basement 1); Harry Abend, "Mural on screens Inclinadas Relief" (in the dome troncopiramidal external scene of the Rivers Reyna), in addition to other artists : Erling Oloe, Colette Dellozane, Jorge Pizzani and Vincenzo Gemito.

In the interior of the theater have their offices Symphony Orchestras Simon Bolivar, Venezuela, and the National Philharmonic.


Address: End Av. Paseo Colon, Cultural Complex Teresa Carreno, Los Caobos
Phones: 58-212.574.9122 / 574.9333
Line Information: 0500 67372 00
Fax: 58-212.574.9483





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